Teton Antique Steam and Gas Association

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Our Community: 
Teton Antique Steam and Gas Association (TASGA) is a communal organization  headquartered in Choteau, Montana, USA. Community members hail from Bynum, Choteau, Dutton, Fairfield, Great Falls, Pendroy, Simms -- even Collins!

Our Mission:
Preserving and showcasing the bygone rural lifestyle.

Our People:
Members of TASGA come from all walks of life, with most presently or formerly directly involved in farming and ranching, both part- and full-time.  Some just love the rural lifestyle without the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Our Activities:
Throughout the year, members are involved in a variety of projects including the rebuild/rehab of donated equipment as well as building and grounds maintenance.

The dedicated members of our group hold an annual gathering the third weekend of September. Live demonstrations of grain threshing; lumber milling, blacksmithing and home economics feature tools, techniques and technology from days of yore.

Working Facilities:
Buildings on the grounds include a black smith shop, homestead house, school house, church and print shop.